Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cuban American Miami, Florida

Timeline of Maritza Beato

October 9, 1949: Martiza Beatzo is born to Jorge and Coralia Beato in Cuba.

1968: The Beato Family leaves Cuba, and they stop in Spain for 6 months before finally settling in San Antonio, Texas.

June 1971: Maritza Beato marries Alejandro Martinez Solis, David and Alejandro J. Martinez jr born in San Antono, Texas.
March 1, 1980: Maritza marries Thomas F. Brereton in San Antonio, Texas.
September 7, 1983: Thomas and Maritza divorce.
March 15, 1986: Maritza marries Paul Rentz in Del Rio, Texas. Paul is stationed in the Air Force and then shortly after they move to Colorado.
November 24, 1986: The couple separates due to constant arguing and differences in personalities.
June 2, 1987: Paul Rentz files for divorce. It is around this same time that Maritza becomes pregnant. 
October 27, 1987: Maritza's pregnancy is medically terminated. She does not disclose this to anyone.
November 16, 1987: The couple moves back in together. There was little to no sex involved. This is one reason why Paul Rentz never discovered that she was not really pregnant.

1988: Maritza is arrested and charged with second degree kidnapping.

January 1989: Maritza is released from San Antonio Psychiatric Hospital and sent to a half way house. Paul and Maritza divorce around this time.
October 27, 1989: Maritza's father, Jorge Beato, dies in San Antonio, Texas.

1992: Martiza Beato marries Richard Allen Shunk in San Antonio, Texas, and works as a school counselor.

1999: Maritza and Richard Shunk divorce and Maritza moves to Miami, Florida.

May 2006: Maritza joins (Colegio Nacional de Periodistas )

May 23, 2008: Maritza marries Abelardo Garcia-Berry.

March 1, 2009: Maritza Beato dies in Guadalajara, Mexico her body is sent back to San Antonio, Texas.

March 9, 2009: Maritza is buried in Holy Cross Cemetary.