Sunday, November 25, 2012

Movie Based on the Case of Cuban American Maritza Beato

The movie Baby Snatcher is based on the case of Maritza Beato. in 1988 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Maritzo Beato Rentz kidnapped 4 week old Rachael Ann White while posing as a babysitter. A Movie was made about the case back in the 90's starring Veronica Hamel in "Baby Snatcher". Click here for the true story behind the movie.
Maritza, passed away in March 1, 2009 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She was buried in San Antonio, Texas March 9, 2009.
FalleciĆ³ la Dra. Maritza Beato (article in spanish on her death)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cuban American Miami, Florida

Timeline of Maritza Beato

October 9, 1949: Martiza Beatzo is born to Jorge and Coralia Beato in Cuba.

1968: The Beato Family leaves Cuba, and they stop in Spain for 6 months before finally settling in San Antonio, Texas.

June 1971: Maritza Beato marries Alejandro Martinez Solis, David and Alejandro J. Martinez jr born in San Antono, Texas.
March 1, 1980: Maritza marries Thomas F. Brereton in San Antonio, Texas.
September 7, 1983: Thomas and Maritza divorce.
March 15, 1986: Maritza marries Paul Rentz in Del Rio, Texas. Paul is stationed in the Air Force and then shortly after they move to Colorado.
November 24, 1986: The couple separates due to constant arguing and differences in personalities.
June 2, 1987: Paul Rentz files for divorce. It is around this same time that Maritza becomes pregnant. 
October 27, 1987: Maritza's pregnancy is medically terminated. She does not disclose this to anyone.
November 16, 1987: The couple moves back in together. There was little to no sex involved. This is one reason why Paul Rentz never discovered that she was not really pregnant.

1988: Maritza is arrested and charged with second degree kidnapping.

January 1989: Maritza is released from San Antonio Psychiatric Hospital and sent to a half way house. Paul and Maritza divorce around this time.
October 27, 1989: Maritza's father, Jorge Beato, dies in San Antonio, Texas.

1992: Martiza Beato marries Richard Allen Shunk in San Antonio, Texas, and works as a school counselor.

1999: Maritza and Richard Shunk divorce and Maritza moves to Miami, Florida.

May 2006: Maritza joins (Colegio Nacional de Periodistas )

May 23, 2008: Maritza marries Abelardo Garcia-Berry.

March 1, 2009: Maritza Beato dies in Guadalajara, Mexico her body is sent back to San Antonio, Texas.

March 9, 2009: Maritza is buried in Holy Cross Cemetary.