Saturday, November 26, 2011

Timeline of Maritza Beato

October 9, 1949: Martiza Beatzo is born to Jorge and Coralia Beato in Cuba.

1968: The Beato Family leaves Cuba, and they stop in Spain for 6 months before finally settling in San Antonio, Texas.

June 1971: Maritza Beato marries Alejandro Martinez Solis, David and Alejandro J. Martinez jr born in San Antono, Texas.
March 1, 1980: Maritza marries Thomas F. Brereton in San Antonio, Texas.
September 7, 1983: Thomas and Maritza divorce.
March 15, 1986: Maritza marries Paul Rentz in Del Rio, Texas. Paul is stationed in the Air Force and then shortly after they move to Colorado.
November 24, 1986: The couple separates due to constant arguing and differences in personalities.
June 2, 1987: Paul Rentz files for divorce. It is around this same time that Maritza becomes pregnant. 
October 27, 1987: Maritza's pregnancy is medically terminated. She does not disclose this to anyone.
November 16, 1987: The couple moves back in together. There was little to no sex involved. This is one reason why Paul Rentz never discovered that she was not really pregnant.

1988: Maritza is arrested and charged with second degree kidnapping.

January 1989: Maritza is released from San Antonio Psychiatric Hospital and sent to a half way house. Paul and Maritza divorce around this time.
October 27, 1989: Maritza's father, Jorge Beato, dies in San Antonio, Texas.

1992: Martiza Beato marries Richard Allen Shunk in San Antonio, Texas, and works as a school counselor.

1999: Maritza and Richard Shunk divorce and Maritza moves to Miami, Florida.

May 2006: Maritza joins (Colegio Nacional de Periodistas )

May 23, 2008: Maritza marries Abelardo Garcia-Berry.

March 1, 2009: Maritza Beato dies in Guadalajara, Mexico her body is sent back to San Antonio, Texas.

March 9, 2009: Maritza is buried in Holy Cross Cemetary.


  1. Maritz is my cousin, well his father is my mother cousing so I am some sort of cousin with her. His dad gave me a wipping in his office in Vedado when I took off from his office when he was going to inject me for some kind of vacination.

  2. They let her be a school counselor 3 years after kidnapping a baby??!!!!

  3. I have the same reaction and no prison time and married way too many times

  4. I am Rachael's older sister Brandi. This woman took her from us. Thank God she was found. Thank God people were paying attention and my mother was on camera constantly..diligently..begging for the public to help bring her back to us. She was sick from going off breast milk and being allergic to the formula maritza was trying to get her to take. She is an evil person...was...and never offered an apology or an ounce of regret to my mother for what she did. I do not care whether or not she and paul were sexually did he not ever once touch her belly or see her undress? 9 monthes she was supposed to have carried his child and he didnt once touch her etc? That is very suspicious to me. She got away with something that has and continues to affect our family. She was a narcisist and had no qualms about doing what she did in order to allegedly keep her husband. She was a manipulative horrible person. Also..remember the movie is BASED on Rachael's story. It is not completely factual...but close. Nancy McKeon is a fine actress but could not bring to the screen my mothers utter grief, fear, desperation, and deep love for her child. She neither slept nor ate anything the entire time my sister was missing. I remember it all extremely clearly. We would look for her ceasingly. We put flyers on cars day and night..walked the streets ...she would stop every person with a child and ask to see the baby...just hoping it would be her. I thank the neighbors who were observant and not afraid to go with the err of caution in contacting the police about Rachael. My mom is doing fantastic and my sister is now happily married and in graduate school. Just in case anyone wondered about the victims in this crime.....

    1. actually she is not evil or narcissitic. she was a very mentally ill woman who did something she obviously had no business doing. Mental illness is a real thing. thats why the judge was correct in what he sentence. she obviously got the help she needed an became what looks like a productive member of society. Everything turned out great for your family. As you see it still did not turn out great for maritza.
      and no one is going to be able to fully capture what your mom went through unless they are a mom themselves and knows that feeling . Rachel's story ended correct and will continue to be great

    2. Yes, she was narcissistic and evil by reason of her actions. If you knew anything about narcissism, you would know that it is a mental illness; however, it appears you do not. Mental illnesses should never absolve criminals. This woman knowingly kidnapped a baby with every intention of keeping her. Would you excuse her behavior if she had murdered someone? She knew it was wrong, but only thought of herself.

      As for things not working out for her, she appears to be the common denominator in each of her failed marriages, but she seemed to overcome her short term stint in the mental institute and become a pillar of the Cuban community in Miami, so spare me.

  5. Brandi, thank you for your comments and giving us an inside view of your experience as well as an update. I read that Maritza died in 2009 but there is nothing about Paul. Did Air Force keep him? I don't know what to think about him except my gut feeling is I don't think he knew. He wanted a divorce so I can't see him doing this which would mean he had to stay with her. I really wonder what air force thought too (which would be obvious if he had been kicked out of air force). I'm so happy this was a good ending although I'm sure it has scarred your family for life. I hope you are enjoying your adulthood and have a family and/or career of your own. God bless!

  6. Hi Brandi, It is good to hear that your sister and mother are doing well. I am long retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department, but remember this case pretty well. An FBI agent and I pursued a lead for your sister's child that led to the closure of the former Stapleton International Airport which is now DIA. It turned out to be a false lead and I saw that this got a brief mention in the TV movie. I was at the police department when Rachael was returned to your mom. That is one of the happiest moments that I have ever experienced during my time as a police officer. Paul Rentz was an instructor in the psychology department at the Air Force Academy when Maritza was arrested. Cadets who had him as an instructor said that he was no longer teaching there after Maritza's arrest. Paul Rentz was arrested and charged as an accessory to the crime as the District Attorney had doubts about his claims of having no knowledge of the feigned pregnancy. The charges against Rentz were dismissed shortly after his arrest as there was insufficient evidence to support that he was aware of the feigned pregnancy and kidnapping. The police artist you saw with your grandmother was actually a well renowned editorial cartoonist who offered his time and talent to help your mother find Rachael. I still have a news clipping about this case in my possession today. Blessings for a continued good life for your mother and sister.

  7. Paul Rentz was discharged from the Air Force with the catchall phrase "behaviour unbecoming to an officer."
    I thought it was crazy that he didn't know his wife was not pregnant (anymore), but felt bad that she ruined his career.
    Laurie Koffler (former military statio ed at the Air Force Academy when this incident occurred)

  8. Paul Rentz was discharged from the Air Force with the catchall phrase "behaviour unbecoming to an officer."
    I thought it was crazy that he didn't know his wife was not pregnant (anymore), but felt bad that she ruined his career.
    Laurie Koffler (former military statio ed at the Air Force Academy when this incident occurred)

  9. Martiza is And was pure evil just saw it on how kenda homicide hunter. It sounded like a movie I watched I had to Google this to find out and the movie baby snatcher was a good movie so happy that you all are doing good but sad that you all are still having nightmares as a mother myself i feel your pain